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WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap A-Z (English Version)
Sr # Image Description Action
1 Why use WordPress and Bootstrap?
2 Get to know Bootstrap 3 Mobile trends and responsive web development
3 Wordpress Themes Why Themes are so popular with developers and site owners
4 Rough draft Included elements to talk about the needs with the customer
5 Up and running with Bootstrap Get the development environment ready and setup
6 Look and Feel Beautiful color scheme
7 Bootstrap Header design Adding our logo and creating a nice menu structure
8 Glyphicons in Bootstrap Great for adding light weight graphics to the design
9 Footer Design Embedding a Google Map and an address to the footer region
10 Carousel Adding a sweet slide show Bootstrap element to the design
11 Carousel Adding real images and the Finished Boostrap 3 Prototype Walkthrough
12 Bootstrap CDN A better way
13 Begin from Scratch Step by Step Empty folder to a working WordPress Theme
14 Slicing up the design From the Bootstrap 3 design into the slick new WP Theme
15 The Loop Get in touch with the workings of the WordPress core
16 Hooking into the navigation Making sure the WP navigation works the way I want
17 Create a screenshot for the working WordPress Bootstrap 3 Theme
18 Adding real world data using Export Import from the working WordPress site
19 Connecting the WordPress menu system into the Bootstrap 3 design
20 single.php - the simple way to display a single WordPress post in a nice way
21 page.php - equally simple way to display a page in WordPress
22 category.php - now we are getting more advanced and adventurous in WP Theme part 1
23 category.php - fixing small problems and adding a cool effect in WordPress part 2
24 Integrating the marketing messages with the Bootstrap Glyphicons into WordPress
25 Integrating the Bootstrap Carousel into the WordPress theme
26 Sidebar Widgetizing our WordPress theme
27 Customize Admin Panel: Allow user to change branding logo
28 Customize Admin Panel: Connect the theme with the new branding and logo


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